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We use Norman Data Defense engine.

Norman engine is a malware scanner that integrates with our mail servers, ensuring all email traffic passing through the server is checked for malicious programs like virus, spyware, worms, trojans and downloaders.

* On-access scanning of email, database access.
* Includes proactive detection of new and unknown malware.
* Automatic updates of virus definition files and other changes over the Internet every hour.

All incoming and outgoing email is scanned on-access. Mails with file attachments are scanned for possible infections. Access is only granted to virus-free items or when a present computer virus has been removed. Infected documents can be cleaned, stopped, stopped if not cleaned, or logged only, all depending on the user’s settings. Norman Virus Control for Lotus Domino protects the three main entry points for viruses on this platform using on-access scanning:

New : since December 2015, we are able to intercept macro viruses in Excel and Word attachments (eg Virus cryptolocker)

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+33 1 39 44 16 36

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0 826 003 999 (0.15 €/mn)

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