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Email flow protection service.

Email has become one of the most important communication media across Companies. Virus and Spam use this vector to propagate around the world at a glance.

Latest studies report from 69 percent to 87 percent of dirty emails flowing for a volume of 12 billion of Spam daily.

A user spends 30 minutes per day, sorting out clean emails out of his box, facing the risk opening a suspect or infected email. A security threat for a Company and one day of work loss, per user and per month.

AW MailPro service , now handles this burden for you, relying on many years of professional experience in messaging system management.
  • Up to date and efficient technologies are use to counter new virus and spam flooding strategies.
  • Redundant and monitored system runs 24/24 to provide you the best service.
  • A technical and skilled team is minutely monitoring, alerting and upgrading the infrastructure to protect you.

AW MailPro, compiles an antivirus system, an anti-spam solution, and the service of human knowledge and skills to provide you the best protection.
  • Increase your employees productivity: they are now using an email box containing no viruses and no spam.
  • Increase the amount of available band width to your Company, only cleaned email flow is sent to you.
  • Decrease virus infection threats, as viruses are removed before even entering your Company.
  • Decrease the risk of losing emails in case you encounter an internet breakdown on your site, emails is kept on AW server for five days.
  • Providing a simple, clear and no time consuming administration for your IT team.
  • Daily IT Administrators reports.
  • User dedicated reports containing volumes, traffic evolution, a quarantine contents. Easily user manageable .

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